Directory of Contemporary Fresco Painters

Directory of Modern and Contemporary Fresco Artists:

This directory serves as a point of inspiration and to provide a sense of the community of fresco painters. Please email with additional names(and links) of contemporary fresco artists.
  • Rhoda Yohai Andors
  • ILia Anossov - a leading educator of fresco techniques, founder of the Fresco School (LA), teaches fresco at various locations including the Getty and Otis College of Art and Design. 
  • Derek Bernstein
  • Mario Bogani
  • Ashley Bryan
  • Massimo Callossi - studied under Annigoni and Stefanelli
  • Iain Carstairs - Bedford, England, A BBC write up about his recent fresco can be found here
  • Stoney Conley
  • Candice Smith Corby -Teaches fresco at The Bottega, also faculty at Stonehill College 
  • Williard Cummings 
  • Philip Davydov - founder Sacred Murals Studio, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Stephen Pope Dimitroff - apprentice to Diego Rivera
  • Lesley Anne Doyel
  • Robert Feintuch 
  • Sean Glover - inspiring contemporary frescoes, teaches fresco at Skowhegan
  • Brian Scott Goings
  • Jeffery Greene - owner and founder of Evergreene Architectural Arts
  • Jose Guerrero
  • Ruth Hardinger
  • Dean Hartung - instructor at the Arts Student League of NY
  • Hazló contemporary fresco painter located in France
  • David Headley
  • Michael Hearn
  • Yvonne Jacquette
  • YoungSun Jin -acclaimed artist and an important perspective on the practice of contemporary fresco 
  • William King
  • Koji Kinutani 
  • Grace Knowlton
  • Benjamin F. Long - highly acclaimed traditional frescoes (studied under P. Anagonni)
  • Paola Magini 
  • David Margolis
  • Megan Marlatt

  • George O'Hanlon - fresco instructor and founder of Natural Pigments artists' materials company
  • Anthony Panzera - faculty at Hunter College, has used fresco
  • William Pettit -Teaches fresco at the Bottega, faculty at John Cabot University, Rome 
  • Anne Poor
  • Andrea Sala (founder of the School of Fresco in Italy)
  • Italo Scanga
  • Sidney Simon
  • Paulette Singer
  • Gail Swithenbank
  • Alberto Venegas
  • John Wallace
  • Deborah Zuccarini
  • Richard Zuccarini

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