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  1. Educational Programs Specializing in Fresco
  2. Books  & Articles Related to Fresco
  3. Videos (DVD, Web, & VHS) Related to Fresco
  4. WPA Mural Information 

1. Educational Programs Specializing in Fresco: (Return to Top)

2. Books & Articles Related to Fresco: (Return to Top)

  • A Manual of Fresco and Encaustic Painting, by William Benjamin Sarsfield Taylor, Forgotten Books 2012 (original 1843)
  • The Art of Fresco Painting As Practiced by the Old Italian and Spanish Masters, Mrs. Merrifield, Gilpin, Brighton, 1846
  • Vasari on Technique, J.M. Dent & Company, 1907
  • Fresco Painting, It's Art and Technique, James Ward, Chapman and Hall, 1909
  • Essays in Fresco, Edward McCurdy, Chatto and Windus, 1912
  • Vitruvius, The 10 Books on Architecture, translated by Morris Hick Morgan, New York, Dover Publications Inc. 1960 (original 1914)
  • The Art of Fresco Painting: Pure Technique & Actual Renaissance, by R. La Montagne St. Hubert, Frederick Fairchild Sherman; 1924
  • The Technique of Fresco Painting, With a Preface by Jose Clementte Orozco, by Garnder Hale, Dover Publications Inc., 1933
  • A Comparative Study of the Methods and Techniques of Buon Fresco Painting, by Carlton Ball, UMI Proquest LLC., 1935
  • Tecnica dell'affresco e encausto, Frazzoni Damaso,Ulrico Hoepli, 1944
  • Fresco Painting- Modern Methods and Techniques For Painting in Fresco and Secco, by Olle Nordmark, Read Books, 2007 (original 1947)
  • The Craftsman's Handbook, translation of Libro dell' Arte by Cennino Cennini, Dover Publications, 1960
  • Lives of the Artists, by Giorgio Vasari, New York, Penguin Books, vol. 11, 1965
  • The Great Age of Fresco, Giotto to Pontormo, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1968
  • The Great Age of Fresco, Discoveries, Recoveries, and Survivials; by Millard Meiss, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1970
  • The Origins of Buon Fresco, by Shigeru Tsuji, Deutscher Kunstverlag GmbH Munchen Berlin, Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte, 46 Bd., H. 2 (1983), pp. 215-222
  • Means and Ends: Reflections on the History of Fresco Painting, E.H. Gombrich, 1976 (wall painting in general)
  • Apprentice to Diego Rivera, by Stephen Pope Dimitroff, 1986
  • On Location with Diego Rivera, by Lucienne Bloch, Art in America, Feb 1986
  • Fresco, History and Technique, by Richard and Deborah Zuccarini, The Sacred Art Journal, Volume 13, Number 3, September 1992.  Access Online Here : Part 1, Part 2
  • Wet-Wall Tattoos: Ben Long and the Art of Fresco, by Richard Maschal, John F Blair Pub, 1993

  • Fresco: A Contemporary Perspective, exhibition catalog (curated by Robert Bunkin, Lesley Anne Doyel, Sheilah Rechtschaffer) 1994
  • The Art of Fresco Painting in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, by Mrs. Mary P. Merrifield, Dover Publicaitons, 2003
  • An Examination of the Place of Fresco in Contemporary Art Practice, by YoungSun Jin, University of the Arts London, 2004
  • Fresco Painting: The Dichotomy of Rigorous Craft and Artistic Expression, by Tessa Lindsey, International Building Lime Symposium 2005
  • Fresco Painting and the U.S. Frescos of Diego Rivera, Kent L. Boyer, 2012

3. Videos (DVD, Web, & VHS) Related to Fresco: (Return to Top) 

  • Saving the Sistine Chapel: The Controversial Restoration of Michelangelo's Masterpiece, WGBH Educational Foundation, 1988
  • Fresco, Fresco at the University of St. Thomas by Mark Balma, PBS Home Video, 1999

  • Diego Rivera: The Age of Steel, Museum of Modern Art,  VHS and DVD, 2001

    •   A Window on the NationsBank Fresco, (video promo for High Fresco, the full length video yet to be released) featuring Ben Long's work at the Nations Bank Corporate Center in Charlotte, NC. Produced by Mark Wade Stone at the Story Tellers Media Group. 


    • How to make an Intonaco fresco and then remove it from the wall, "Step-by-step explanation of how to make (and remove to canvas) authentic 17th-century frescos in the intonaco style (lime/sand, no albumen needed as a fixer), taught by Roberto Varriale with the eighteen 7th graders from Greenwood School. The final sequence features the successful gallery opening at the Throckmorton Theater on April 1st" Mill Valley, California. December 2013 through April 2014.


    4. WPA mural information: (Return to Top) The sites linked below are searchable by state. WPA murals are listed according to location, artist, title, date, and media such as fresco. 

    The site, Living New Deal has a wonderful search option  at the top right of the home page. Simply type in "fresco" into the search bar and explore 15 pages of fresco murals funded through the New Deal. 

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